Emergency & Relief

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Water is a basic necessity for human life. In the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, countries must have effective and efficient options to establish and restore local sources of potable water in local communities.

In the case of an emergency that contaminates local water supplies, our reliance on bulk water re-distribution is currently inefficient, expensive and dependent upon a robust transportation infrastructure.

Water sources are often contaminated during a natural disaster. Hurricane events along the U.S. Gulf Coast, including Hurricane Katrina (2005), Hurricane Gustav (2008) and Hurricane Sandy (2012), regularly impact water resources adversely, leaving communities without access to sanitary water. Other natural disasters have caused similar devastation to communities by contaminating water supplies including the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004) and the earthquake in Sichuan, China (2008). In 2010 in Chile, Atlanta Pure Water deployed these units in order to supply clean drinking water to suffering people after the big earthquake.

APW offers solutions for disasters and relief operations designed specifically for use in emergency and rugged operational conditions when the regular water systems are in temporarily out-of-commission.

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